Fight against the threat of false news, Facebook’s owned Whatsapp has created another useful feature for users around the world. With the new feature, it will be easy to find out which messages have been forwarded. The forward messages now come with an indicator that clarifies to the reader that the message has been forwarded.

New Feature in WhatsApp

“Starting today, WhatsApp will indicate which messages you have received, have been forwarded to you. This additional context will help simplify one-to-one group chat and the social networking company said in a release. It also helps you to determine whether the message sent by your friend or relative is written or originally came from someone else.

Users should have the latest version of the app to see the new ‘Forwarded’ label. To be worth it, this feature was already available in the beta version of the app for the past few weeks.

The company also recommended users to be careful when forwarding messages. They can report spam or block the contact in one tap. It is worth noting that this special feature comes when the company is facing heat in India because it is not able to spread through fake reports on its platform.

A Reuters report says that India’s IT Ministry has recently asked Facebook to control the spread of false news from Whatsapp’s parent company Facebook, which has increased the chain of lining in the country.

Whatsapp has announced a reward for those who are capable of getting more information about such issues. It is said that the company has more than 200 million users in India, making it one of the biggest markets.

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