The South Korean company is working on the Samsung foldable smartphone and it is ready to launch soon. It is now claimed that Samsung Vietnamese website had released a video, which also showed a glimpse of the company’s foldable smartphone. However, this video has now been removed.

The video was released for Galaxy Unpacked Event

According to tech reports, the video was released for Galaxy unpacked event going to be on February 20. In this video, the company showed new technology, which includes transparent window display, pure bezel and notch less tablet, robot, foldable smartphone, portable medical scanner, and powerful gaming device. The possibility is that Samsung is also working on the foldable gaming smartphones. The foldable smartphone that appears in this video is a little bigger than the prototype of this phone which was introduced in the developer conference in November.

The phone can come in the name of ‘Galaxy F’, $1770 will be priced

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Previously GizmoChina had claimed in its report that Samsung’s foldable smartphone could come in the name of ‘Galaxy F‘. In which ‘F’ means ‘foldable‘. The model number of this phone is SM-F900U. At the same time, in the second report, Samsung’s phone could cost $1,770. Samsung Smartphone ‘Chief DJ Koh’ also said that the company will roll out its foldable smartphone in the first quarter of 2019. Initially, this phone’s 10 million units will be sold in the market.

It can be folded vertically

In the developer conference, the company introduced the prototype of the phone, which specifies specifications related to its display. It has a 7.3-inch main display, which can be folded to 4.6-inches. The special thing is that it can be bent vertical so that the users get bigger screens.

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