Intel has declared the Xeon E-2100 processor, which is intended for use in little work area PCs. While the greater part of these are gone for clients outside of what we cover here on Digital Arts – including assembling and medicinal imaging – these could be of beneficial in case you’re in a situation that is short on space or you require an effectively convenient work area for undertakings, for example, VR or projection-mapping.

Xeon E-2100 highlights and specifications

The chips have up to 6-cores and keep running at up to 4.7GHz (utilizing Intel’s Turbo Boost tech to accelerate some cores when others are in standby). The help up to 64GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz RAM, and have Intel UHD(Ultra High-Definiton) Graphics 630 built-in, however, you’ll likely include a discrete AMD or Nvidia graphics card as well. It supports up to 40 lanes of PCIe for graphics, storage, and network expandability. It also offers for USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt technology for fast data transfer, apart from support for Intel Optane memory. The company is also promoting advanced hardware-enhanced security with Intel vPro technology and enhanced Intel Software Guard Extensions(SGE) Support for Intel Ethernet and Intel Wireless-AC networking.

Lenovo and Dell will be first out with these new models with the Xeon E-2100 chips, both of which offer Core series processors as opposed to Xeons in the event.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P330 is available in three variants – Tiny, SFF (Small Form Factor) and Tower. The Tiny version is about the measure of the hardback art book but maximized at Nvidia Quadro P620 graphics card (with support for the P1000 coming soon). The medium-sized SFF and bigger Tower have beefier Nvidia Quadro graphics card alternatives, with the Tower having the capacity to fit and power the Quadro P4000.

Dell has two new workstations variants – the Precision 3630 and the smaller one 3430.

Evaluating for both Dell and Lenovo’s new workstations will begin well under $1200 – with full pricing declared closer to the launch. Refreshed to revise that the ThinkStation P330 supports discrete graphics cards.

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