mobile phone usage statistics
mobile phone usage statistics

Today, increasing the use of smartphones and the internet is rapidly growing fast in the world. It is believed that 5 billion people worldwide use mobile phones, while half of them are connected to the Internet. But, most of the population is still living without a mobile phone. The survey of American research firm Pew(mobile phone usage statistics) has revealed that 24% of the world’s 18 developed countries and 54% of 9 developing countries do not have a mobile phone.

  • In the survey of American research firm Pew, more than 30 thousand people from 27 countries were involved
  • After South Korea, most smartphone users in Israel and the Netherlands, 35% of people in India without phone
  • In India, 34% of men and 15% of women had smartphones, this gap 9% was 5 years ago.

Pew conducted the survey in May-August 2018, in which 30,133 people from 27 countries were included. This survey covered 18 developed countries and 9 developing countries. According to this survey, most smartphone users are in South Korea and the lowest in India.

Only 24% of Indians have smartphones, 35% do not own mobile

Pew survey showed that only 24% of Indians have smartphones, while 40% use mobile phones. But 35% of those who did not have any kind of phone. Most 95% of smartphone users are in South Korea, and 5% of the rest are using some kind of mobile phone. According to this, all South Korea people have a mobile phone. After this, there is Israel where 88% of people have smartphones and after that, the Netherlands is at number three, where 87% are smartphone users.

People below 35 years use smartphones

Most people under the age of 35 admitted in Pew survey showed the use of the smartphone across the world. According to Pew, people aged 18 to 35 years are more educated and their income is also high, so these people use smartphones. In India, 37% of 18 to 34 years of age use smartphones while only 8% of people over 50 years old have smartphones. At the same time, three years ago i.e., the number of smartphone users in 18-34 years was 27% in 2015, and only 6% of those above 50 years used smartphones.

Gender Gap in Smartphone Users More Than Different Countries

This survey(Mobile usage statistics) showed that compared to other countries, there is more gender gap in smartphone users in India. In Japan, 69% of men and 63% of women have a smartphone, while in Brazil, 63% of men and 57% of women use smartphones. Whereas, 34% of men and 15% of women in India have a smartphone. This gap was 19% in 2018, but this gap was 9% in 2015. In India, 16% of men and 9% of women used smartphones in 2015.

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