In today’s time, people mostly like to buy internet related things from their smartphone. Often the virus or malware gets attacked on the smartphone, which causes strange activity on the phone. Then how to know if your phone has a virus or malware.

how to know if your phone has a virus
Virus in phone

Today we are talking about how you can know that there is a virus in your smartphone. If some things can be taken care of, then the phone can be protected from dangerous viruses that can threaten your phone and data. If you are seeing these things on your phone then understand that the virus has come to your phone.

how to know if your phone has a virus/malware

  • If your phone is hanging too much or has slowed down then your phone increases the risk of viruses. Viruses use memory and CPU for their work so that the CPU is always working and apps can not work properly.
  • If your smartphone is using more internet data then it could be due to a virus. The virus always keeps uploading the user’s personal data to the server so that the Internet is used more quickly.
  • If the Internet or WiFi on your phone automatically turns on, it also indicates the virus on the phone.
  • While browsing, the advertisement comes in many places, but if your smartphone is displaying porn ads(something like unusual) on the home screen or otherwise, then your smartphone may have infected with the virus. Sometimes, it happens that when clicking on some links while browsing, a new page is open and it is said that your phone has a virus and is asked to clear it. Such pages should be stopped as soon as possible, as this increases the risk of viruses coming in the phone.
  • Even if your phone is going to call itself on an unknown number, your phone also increases the risk of viruses. Because sometimes viruses do not use the internet to send the data and get help with a message or call.

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