Facebook has announced some changes which have been consolidated to improve its Two-factor authentication process, making the account (and the data) of users even more secure than before. The social media giant’s product manager, Scott Dickens shared details in his blog post.

Two factor authenticationDickens said that Facebook has enhanced its two-factor authentication in two ways.
Facebook says it has made it easier for users to enable two-factor authentication with a smooth setup flow that guides you through the process. Furthermore, the internet-based life tech firm is currently giving users more ways by which they can secure their account with a second factor. This is for those who would prefer not to (or don’t have) a telephone number but can still enable 2FA.

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Until now, Facebook asked users to submit their phone numbers to get a six-digit code as a text message. If you still haven’t turned on two-factor authentication for your Facebook account, it can be done by clicking on facebook.com/settings, followed by clicking on the ‘Security and Login’ tab.

Facebook has been facing the heat since earlier this year for sharing data of millions of users with a third-party website without consent. As an aftermath, the firm recently announced a change in the management, as reported by Recode. As a part of the team shakeup, Facebook executive Javier Olivan will be looking over the “central product services” division that also includes handling security and ads.

The company even suspended more than 200 apps from its website as a part of the first stage of the review into apps that have access to large quantities of data.

On the sidelines, it is also keeping its focus on bringing new features to the platform. One of the recent additions were an ability to save photos and videos, post voice notes and archive Stories to view and re-share them later. All these are India-first features.

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