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Sundar Pichai Testifies Before Congress

Alphabet Inc.’s became the world’s most profitable Internet company by recruiting Google’s talented technologist and motivating them to stay around. But now it seems that the company’s hold on it is getting loose. Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai and his Google management team have lost faith in the company’s future. The number of those who believe Pichai’s team is capable of giving effectiveness leadership to the company in the future has decreased by 18%.

54% said the salary was satisfactory, 12% less than last year

In the company’s annual survey conducted by the end of 2018, three out of four (74%) employees said they were positive about Pachai’s leadership potential. A year ago, the number of employees answering this question was 92%.

This survey, named Googlegeist, was asked if Sundar Pichai Vision and Leadership motivates them about the future of Google? Google has shared the results of this annual survey with the staff at the internal level in January. It shows that the level of confidence of Google employees has come down to a low of six years.

In the company’s annual survey, 74% of employees believed, was 92% a year ago.

66% of employees said Google’s  priorities were correct, which is 13% less than a year ago.

According to the survey, the level of satisfaction levels of employees’ salary package also decreased by 10%. In the latest survey, 54% said the salary package would be satisfactory. While the number of such employees was 64% a year ago.

These results have come out in time when Google employees protested about sexual harassment in November. After allegations of sexual harassment on the company’s big officials, more than 20,000 employees of Google had protested around the world. After this Pichai talked about providing an atmosphere of greater transparency for redressing their concerns.

34% of surveyed employees said Google’s priority is not correct

75% of employees in the survey said that the fair decisions and strategies will help Google to do great work. This figure is 13% less than a year ago. Does Pichai’s work show commitment to landing in different areas of Google? 79% responded in its Yes. It is 12% less than a year ago. Are Google’s priorities right? 66% responded yes to it. It is 13% less than a year ago.

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