Facebook paying to its users to collect data from their phones

Facebook paid users to install such an app through which the company obtained their data. TechCrunch has given this information in its report.

facebook research app
facebook research app

Facebook paid users to install such an app through which the company obtained their data. TechCrunch has given this information in its report. According to TechCrunch’s report, Facebook has reportedly asked Android and iOS users to install the ‘Facebook Research‘ app in their device. Since 2016 Facebook has been paying users ages 13 to 35 up to $20 per month plus referral fees to sell their privacy by installing the iOS or Android ‘Facebook Research’ app.

In this report, it has also said that, in order to avoid showing their direct participation in all these activities. Facebook launched beta-testing services Applause, BetaBound, and uTest and operated under the name “Project Atlas” to mask the company’s direct involvement, according to TechCrunch.Techcrunch

Received user’s personal data from this application

TechCrunch has written in its report a security expert that Facebook has accessed personal data from users with the help of the Facebook Research App. Which includes personal information such as personal messages, photos, videos, emails, web search and web browsing activity of social media apps. This report also states that with the help of this app, Facebook also tracked their location information through other location tracking apps installed in the user’s phone.

  • According to TechCrunch’s report, Facebook paid the users quietly every month to install an app that receives data on their smartphones.
  • Facebook has given users $20 each month since 2016 to install their “Facebook Research” app in Android and iOS devices.
  • In a conversation with CNBC, a Facebook spokesperson also acknowledged that Facebook is running a variety of programs to collect data from people.

Facebook spokesperson admitted, the company running the program to collect data

facebook research appAt the same time, a Facebook spokesperson in conversation with CNBC has admitted that his company is running programs to collect data of people. The Facebook spokesman told CNBC, “Like many companies, we also invite people to participate in research, through which we try to know what else we can do better?” He said, “Through this research, Facebook tries to understand how people use their mobile?” However, the spokesperson also said that this data is not shared with others and people can withdraw from this research whenever they want.

Violation of privacy by Facebook’s move

In violation of the privacy of the users by the move of Facebook, Apple’s policy is being violated as some iPhone users are also installing this app on their device. Apple last year removed the Facebook’s Onavo Security app from the App Store because it was violating Apple’s privacy policy. Apple said while removing this app, that any app should not take any information about the second app installed in the user’s phone.

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