The questions that rotten our brain for years. Almost everything in this world has a reason behind it. So, how can the default hard drive letter not have one? Ever since hard drives have been placed in MS-DOS or Windows operating system computers, the default drive is designated with letter ‘C‘. This happens when you don’t change the default storage drive’s location on your own.

But, have you wondered about the reason behind why ‘C’ is the default drive letter? Why is it not A or B? Well, there is a legit reason behind such a naming scheme. Keep reading to find out!

The idea began with IBM’s virtual machine operating systems.

The idea to assign simple letters as drive names originated from IBM’s virtual machine operating systems that came into existence in the 1960’s. The earliest operating systems to have letters designated to hard drives were CP-40 and CP/CMS systems.

The introduction of computers.

Old computer

In the earlier times, the computers didn’t come with a lot of storage of space as today. Even PCs at that time did not come with mass internal storage because the prices of HDDs were really high.

Floppy disks were used as internal storage (As a Hard drive)

As the price of the hard drive was high, floppy disks were used as an internal storage device. Some systems used to come with two floppy disk drives, 5 1/4” and 3 1/2″. These drives were assigned the letters A and B. As A and B letters were designated to floppy disks, hard drives were logically assigned with the alphabet C. You can change, remove or add alphabets as the hard drive is the primary storage device of the computer.

So, did you get it?

It doesn’t matter if you are running on Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1 or even XP, you always have seen the default drive to be C: and not A: or B:

We see it every day not only once but many a time, but we never noticed it. Yes, of course, as the title is suggesting, we are talking about the reason why your computer default hard disk is named as C: and not A: or B: Well it is not a rocket science, and the answer is pretty straight too, you will believe once you read the complete article. Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends because it will be real fun for them also to read this interesting fact.

Let’s come back to the reason; I know you are dying to know about it. So let’s not waste anymore second and know why the default hard disk is C:

No! Don’t throw your computer, we have the answer you are waiting for, but before that make sure you are running on any OS other than MAC because that doesn’t have the option of drive partition, but if you are Windows user or any OS user for instance than jump to the next slide.

Get ready because you are going to know something very cool that your friends don’t know.

Long back, the hard disk didn’t exist so the floppy disk was used to store the data, Yes, floppy disk obviously being an external source of storage was used to name as drive A: But then why not B:

The Answer is here :

Hard drive

The floppy disk used to come in two sizes, 5 1/4″ and 3 1/2″, thus the formal was used to be named as drive A: While the later was used to be named drive B:Then in later 1980’s, the hard disk made its place as an internal source of storage but the floppy disk did exist at that time as well, so the internal hard drive was named as drive C:

Now the scenario is different, with the user can create multiple hard disks from the same source of internal storage by creating a partition.

Yeah! You are a genius. 


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