Apple could be launch new Apple watch series 4 in this year. That’s will be a good news because while the Apple Watch 3 is the best wearable smartwatch and has come tops best smartwatch list. Several rumors say that Apple Watch 4 includes a 15% larger screen, bigger battery, official sleep tracking app, and all digital health initiatives.

Apple Watch series 4 release date and price

ios 12 hints that the Apple Watch 4 is coming later this year, with the clear indication to the new smartwatch. Possibly, Apple Watch 4 will be launch alongside the new iPhone for 2018. Apple announced Apple Watch 3 the smartwatch on 12th September 2017 and the Apple Watch 2 was released in September 2016. A lot of sense makes that, Apple Watch 4 could be the release date in September 2018.

Apple Watch 4 probably to be around the same as the Apple Watch 3. We will likely to be found apple watch 4 with all the extra feature that said, its price could equally increase or decrease a little.

Apple Watch series 4 design and display

Apple source says that the Apple Watch 4 is set to undergo a big design. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that the Apple Watch 4 will come with a 15 percent more screen space than the apple watch 3. It will have an edge-to-edge display which would be larger than the Apple Watch3. Kuo’s report suggests the company will be including a larger battery capacity inside the Apple Watch 4 which is usually linked to a larger device body.

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The analyst believes that it’s going to be a sharp design. Kuo also notes that the design of the Apple Watch 4 is set to be “more trendy”. Apple is working on series 4 watch which will have touch-sensitive, solid-state haptic buttons. It will sense the impendency of the fingertip digitally and then simulate a click using haptic vibration. It could increase reliability. A current rumor indicates that Apple will give the watch a round face, much like a traditional analog wristwatch. One leak suggests that Apple is considering producing new multi-function smart bands that it will sell with the watch.

According to sources, Apple will be able to add new features without being as limited by the small size of the watch face due to moving some of the technologies inside the watch face and into these smart bands. This would enable Apple to add such features as a camera, or a bigger battery.

Apple Watch series 4 new features and specification

Now, we have got a good idea of what the Apple Watch 4 will look like and what new features come with it. Various ways define, that the apple watch 4 could include “motion and gesture” input feature in which smartphone could sense and respond to user gestures when voice and touch inputs are not practical. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will use faster versatile circuit boards for series 4 watch antenna. It means that Apple will use more stable LTE signal. As for new features on the Apple Watch 4, it could be possible that we will get Face ID on our wrists, and we may able to unlock our watch by just glancing at the built-in camera. Apple may bring a Face ID camera on Apple watch 4, it would make it more secure that’s mean, we will just look at our watch to unlock it and avoid having to enter a password.

The company is showing interest in health. Reports suggest that the apple is planning to load health sensors on watch. Apple was working on embedding complicated EKG technology in the watch whereas the smartwatch is capable of monitoring present heart activity and comparing past data. This feature would make the watch more capable of predicting upcoming heart-related problems.

EKG is also known as EKG (Electrocardiograms). EKG is more advanced than a standard heart rate monitor and provides more information. Reports suggest that the next Apple Watch would be offer blood sugar monitoring. We could be expected that the others new feature will have come with this apple watch 4.

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